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Please read the rules of our website carefully


Subject of the agreement

This agreement regulates the rights and obligations of the parties in the framework of online sales of training tests, which the seller offers to the customer through the website.

Product information

Online training tests posted on the website are theoretical driving test tests, which are processed by the owner of the website. Copying online training tests as well as website functions and selling them to a third party without prior agreement with the administration is prohibited.

Terms and definitions

Website - a set of information resources and services available on the Internet at The website is owned by the seller and he administers it.

User - Online user of the website (visitor, buyer).

Buyer - a natural person who intends to purchase online training tests on the website (not for resale).

Seller - Individual entrepreneur "Faik Omarov" (01011047576), which carries out the implementation of online training tests on buyers remotely, via the Internet from the website

Learning Online Tests - Online driving test theory tests.

Order - Buy the package of online training tests (time or period) available on the website via the buyer through the Internet.

Online Sales - Offering and selling distance learning online tests for the customer through the Internet, through the website

Payment Provider - Online payment processing service provider (JSC Bank of Georgia).

Payment for the cost of the order

The cost of online tests is given in the consumer panel of the website.

The cost of online tests on a website can be changed unilaterally by the seller. In addition, the price of the online tests that have already been purchased is not subject to change.

Payment methods:

By bank cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express)

With enrollment device

Payment by bank cards:

When placing an order, the buyer enters the plastic card data directly on the site of the payment provider, which is protected by security mechanisms in place in the industry. The terms and conditions of the relevant payment provider apply to the payment.

If the buyer card currency is different from the currency recorded on the site when placing an order, the payment provider or bank may convert the currency at its own exchange rate.

If payment by bank card is refused, the order will not be fulfilled and the customer will not have access to online tests.

Payment by enrollment device:

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Only registered users can place an order on the website.

The seller is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the buyer during registration.

Registration on the website provides access to additional services.

The person registered on the website is given an e-mail. Email Address and Password. By the buyer in his email. Transmitting an email address and password to a third party is prohibited. The buyer is responsible for all possible negative consequences, e.g. In case of transfer of email address and password to a third party.

By registering on the Website, you agree to the terms of the Website. After placing the order, you will have access to all the tests. Website Online Tests Prices are given in national currency. Meanwhile, the administration reserves the right to change prices as needed.


After registering and verifying the account, the user goes through the authorization to use the website and / or application (if any).

Authorization means the user has access to a personal account. Authorization is carried out by e-mail registered by the user. By mail and password.

Authorization is also done through social networks (facebook, google +) and use your own social network account to access the website, if such technical capabilities exist.


The website is available to any user and online shopper. When making a purchase on the Website, the User becomes the Buyer and, therefore, is obliged to follow the rules of the Website as well as the provisions set forth in the relevant legislative sources.

During the registration, the website offers the user to get acquainted with the rules of using the website. Before confirming the registration, he / she will be required to select the appropriate cell only after reading the terms of use of the website and in case of any questions he / she will receive the necessary explanation and information from the seller. This cell corresponds to the following phrase: "I agree to the terms of use of the site."

Buyer acknowledges that all terms of these Terms are understandable to him and that he accepts them unconditionally and in full.

Buyer claims to have read the terms and conditions of the Website before making a purchase and to agree to them. No general or special terms contained in the document sent or transmitted by the Buyer may become part of the existing rules without the official or written consent of the Seller.

In case of any questions or complaints from the buyer, he / she should call or email. You must contact the seller's customer service department by mail.

Proof of purchase

The computer records stored in the seller's information systems, in compliance with the relevant security conditions, are the documents confirming the communication, orders and payments between the parties.

Archiving of communication, order and payment documents between the parties is carried out on a reliable and long-term information carrier that can be used as evidence.

Who can use it

The SAJE.GE website can be used by those who want to prepare for a theoretical driving test and study to gain knowledge. Use for other purposes, namely copying the functions and content of the website (text, image, audio and video) and subsequently using it to create a similar website is prohibited and punishable by applicable law.

Prohibited actions on SAJE.GE

You may not use our products, share content or take any action that:

Violates these rules and other conditions that regulate your use of SAJE.GE.

Is illegal, fraudulent, discriminatory or misleading.

Is a violation of intellectual property rights.

You have no right to download viruses or malicious code, or to take any action that might cause our products to shut down, malfunction, design deteriorate or reboot.

You may not access or collect data from our products through automated means (without our prior permission) or attempt to access the data without our permission to do so.

Restrictions on the use of our intellectual property

If you use content that is subject to the intellectual property rights we own and represent by us in our products (e.g., design, text, images, audio or video), we reserve all rights to such content. You may use our copyrighted objects and trademarks (or any similar marks) only with the prior written permission of our administration (and only in accordance with this). You must obtain our written permission before modifying the source code, decompiling it, creating works from it, creating works from other materials on the Website, or attempting to obtain otherwise from us.

Website statistics

The administration reserves the right to display on the website the statistics of the visitors of the website, registered users, buyers (students), students passing the theoretical and practical test in order to stimulate sales.

Marketing and communication

The Marketing Service is authorized to provide news about registered users via email or short text message. Receiving information about the news can be canceled by the e-mail specified by the user on the website. By sending a letter in the mail.

Update our rules

We are constantly working to improve our products and create new features to make our products more appealing to you and our customers. Thus, we may need to periodically update our Terms to accurately reflect our products and policies, and we reserve the right at any time to make changes to these Terms, which will take effect upon posting on the Website and will be effective for all orders placed after its posting. The buyer is obliged to follow the changes of the rules on a regular basis.

We will make any changes only if the provisions are outdated or contain incomplete information and only if the changes are reasonable for you in your best interests.

If you continue to use our products after the update of the rules, you will be obliged to comply with it.

We hope you remain a customer of our products, but if you do not agree to our updated rules and no longer wish to be a customer of our products, you will be able to delete your account at any time.

Delete account

We want learning on SAJE.GE to be useful, easy and fun. If we determine that you are manifestly, seriously or systematically violating our Terms or Conditions, we may delete your account permanently. We may also delete your account if you repeatedly infringe on our intellectual property rights or when we are required to do so for legal reasons. We will notify you in advance when we take such action. If you delete your account, you can contact us if you think your account has been deleted by mistake. If the account is deleted at the initiative of the user, then he must write an email. By mail to the site SAJE.GE administration requesting the deletion of his account, after which his account will be deleted.

If you or we delete your account, these Terms and Conditions terminate as an agreement between you and us.

Limit of responsibility

We strive to deliver the highest quality products and establish clear rules for everyone who uses them. However, we do not anticipate problems with our products and do not warrant that there will be no errors, defects, delays or malfunctions.

Dispute resolution

We strive to establish clear rules to limit or eliminate disputes between you and us altogether. In the event of a claim or dispute arising out of or in connection with these Rules or the products of SAJE.GE in connection with them, the parties will try to resolve the dispute through negotiation. If no agreement is reached, the dispute will be considered by a court in accordance with the applicable law of your country of residence.

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